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No More Dead Batteries.

Making sure you have enough power to start your vehicle.

Batteries die when we least expect it and usually when we’re not ready for it... 
So protect yourself...

Give your Battery a Brain and Yourself Peace of Mind

BatteryprogBrain (BPB) is designed to protect batteries from excessive draw thus making sure you have enough power in your battery when you need it!





Fleets loves us because we

are Saving businesses time and money by Avoiding the expense of a downtime due to battery failure While maximizing battery’s life span and Reducing maintenance costs.

According to various researches
You can be losing between $400 and $700 a day in productivity alone!

Add to this

to the cost of the repairs,and you can see that the costs of downtime are really quite high.


“Time is the only true limited resource that we have”So why waste it on problems you don’t have too?

Because Current continues to be drawn from the car battery While the vehicle is off,  this could mean That by the time we are ready to go on our Sunday morning bike cruse We’ll be looking for jump-cables, a charger or even worse a toying service.


If you’ve dealt with this persistence problem of “parasitic draw”
Then you’ll definitely love us because...

Even if you don’t know why your battery keeps dying the “BPB”Will watch your back.

we know how frustrating it could be...
Quote -“We have been working on our battery drain problem for about 4 months now.”

Quote - “A 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee has gone through 3 batteries in the last 3 Months. (While they have all been replaced by warranties, it'd be nice to get the problem Solved permanently).”


Batteries die when we least expect it and
Usually when we’re not ready for it...
The “BPB” will Saves the driver and passengers
From being stranded by Ensuring
The vehicle always has enough power to start.

How it works


Battery power, Health and Temperature

The Battery Programmable Brain (BPB) uses unique microelectronic technology and patented software to continually monitor the battery power, health and temperature.


Automatically disconnect the battery from the electrical system.

When the BPB detects power falling below safe levels (11.8 V by default), it automatically disconnect the battery from the electrical system.
This insures that the battery will always have enough power to start the engine and Prolongs battery life by preventing damage due to excessive discharge.


Anti-Theft and timer protection

Can also disconnect the battery on demand simply by pushing a button, providing an anti-theft device when leaving the vehicle as it cannot be started or hot-wired while the Battery is disconnected from the electrical system.



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