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Protect your boat from a dead battery

Don't get stuck at sea


Don't find your boat at the dock unable to start


Don't disappoint family and friends

looking forward to a great day on the water

Prevent dead batteries at sea and on the dock

BatteryProgBrain saves your boat from a dead battery by monitoring its power and health.


No special installation. Just connect BatteryProgBrain to your battery. Easy!

When your BatteryProgBrain detects power falling too low, it disconnects the battery from the boat's electrical system.


BatteryProgBrain helps make sure your battery has enough power to start your engine.

Extend your boat's battery life by as much as 50%


BatteryProgBrain prevents excessive discharge, too!

Save money, time, and stress


  • Makes maintenance easier

  • Boosts battery capacity

  • Reduces boat repairs

BatteryProgBrain might even save your life!

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