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Protect your vehicle's battery

from "parasitic draw"

Cars • Trucks • Vans • Motorcycles • Boats • And More

Don't let parasitic draw

leave you with a dead battery

Devices like phone chargers, mp3 players,

satellite radios, and alarms can

drain your battery even when the ignition is off

So can a vehicle's engine computer,

ABS memory, and more

Stop parasitic draw with BatteryProgBrain

Prevent dead batteries

BatteryProgBrain reduces dead batteries from parasitic draw by monitoring the power and health of your battery.


No special installation needed. Just connect to your battery. Easy!

When your BatteryProgBrain detects power falling too low, it disconnects the battery from the vehicle's electrical system, so your battery has enough power to start your engine.


BatteryProgBrain even prolongs battery life by preventing excessive discharge!

Use BatteryProgBrain instead of paying for costly electrical work

A mechanic may spend hours, even days looking for the source of your parasitic draw. That's time you pay for.

Use BatteryProgBrain instead!

Save money, time, and stress


  • Makes maintenance easier

  • Extends battery life

  • Cuts down on service calls

  • Saves on repairs and replacements

  • Doesn't leave you stranded in a parking lot or your driveway

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