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Protect your fleet from dead batteries

Trucking • Police • Military • Rental Cars • Taxis • Buses

Don't get stuck with a load you can't haul


Don't miss a police emergency


Don't leave angry customers stranded in rental cars, taxis, or buses

Prevent dead batteries

BatteryProgBrain reduces dead batteries in your fleet by monitoring the power and health of your vehicle's battery.


No special installation. Just connect BatteryProgBrain to your battery. Easy!

When your BatteryProgBrain detects power falling too low, it disconnects the battery from the vehicle's electrical system. Your battery always has enough power to start your engine.


BatteryProgBrain even prolongs battery life by preventing excessive discharge!

Stop auto theft, too


Disconnect your BatteryProgBrain with the push of a button. Now your car can't be started or hot-wired!

Save money, time, and stress


  • Makes maintenance easier

  • Extends battery life

  • Reduces downtime from battery-less vehicles

  • Cuts down on service calls

  • Saves on repairs and replacements

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