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 Don’t be part of the statistics 

Don't let a battery failure become a disaster

 Protect your power with The “Battery Programmable Brain”

 so you'll always be ready to Start your Engine! 

 The BPB is simple, Easy to use, smart device that ensures the battery will have enough power to start the engine. 

Battery related issues remain the number 1 cause of vehicle break downs...

Car Breakdown

If you have been driving for a couple of years, the chances to experience a dead battery Are higher than not experiencing one.


if you are part of a business that uses a fleet than you definitely know that A sidelined vehicle adds more stress to an already stressful day...

and the cost to any fleet dependent business can be very high

According to various researches "You can be losing between $400 and $700 a day in productivity alone!”

Add to this the cost of the repairs, Not to mention Time lost on fixing the problem Plus any possible reputation damages due to customer dissatisfaction, and you can see how painful this problem could be.

What if you have a tow vehicle that you don’t use on a regular basis or a sports car or hot rod that sits idle for weeks at a time and every time to come to use it you are out looking for jump-start and worrying whether it would start-up coming back home…

Tow Truck
Battery Test_2

Or maybe you’re tired of wasting your time and money coming in and out of the mechanic trying to figure out what’s killing your battery, dealing with a parasitic draw that keeps draining your battery, Wasting time and money.

The list of issues that can cause a car battery to die is long and complex, Even something as simple as a forgotten phone charger in a vehicle over the weekend can mean a dead battery awaiting you on Monday morning…

But it doesn't have to be.

Imagine, you could eliminate most of your breakdowns

due to battery failure!!!






Well you don’t need to Imagine it because the Battery programmable Brain was created specifically for this reason.


BatteryProgBrain will transform you


Man trying to fix broken car.jpg


Happy Caucasian Semi Truck Driver Showin

For over 15 years.

Developed by science, Backed up by independent lab tests.

long-time returning customers

and active users.

We have sent our products to an independent lab, to perform a series of testings and their results are clear

“STRS Energy Inc”, an American company owned by Mr. Aharon Levinas, the inventor and head engineer of the “Battery Programmable Brain”, have been serving and helping our:


Armed Forces, first responders, businesses with fleets, the transportation industry, Reefers, news channel vehicles, generators and of course ordinary people like me & you with regular privet vehicles, motorcycles, ATV's …

Through its unique monitoring system and patent technology, Battery Prog Brain continuously monitors your battery's power and health and takes corrective actions to avoid battery failure.

We have sent our products to an independent lab, to perform a series of testings and their results are clear,

they show the superior advantage of having the "BPB" installed on your battery in terms of maximizing your battery’s Lifespan.


No more being stranded unexpectedly.

No more surprise dead battery


Saves Time-(lost time fixing the problem)


Maximize Battery Life and performance/ Longer-lasting batteries.


No more jumper cables hassles.

No more trickle chargers.


Giving you Peace of mind Knowing your car will Start by having needed security


A smart investment with a high ROI

(remember the cost of being stranded and that history tends to repeat its self)


Save money:

  • Reduces maintenance and battery replacement costs.

  • minimize repair cost


The BPB Is smart programmable device, most of its parameters can be customized to fit your specific needs. To see a full description of the default settings and the different features click here.


One major key to a long battery life is Maintaining its charge level within a certain range and preventing it from deep discharge, a harmful conditions that is avoided by having a "Battery Programmable Brain" installed.

prevent the battery from being drained down multiple times. Since permanent damage is done every time the voltage of a lead acid battery drops below a certain threshold, it is a good idea to deal with this type of problem sooner rather than later.

SO don't wait until it's too late...

Take a Proactive Approach to Costly Downtime before your battery dies again! click the button below and choose the right one for you:

What did our

customers think?


“To this day I bless these guys. After spending almost $1,500 on batteries, chargers, and visits to mechanic. I drive a 2005 Dodge Durango, I own an art gallery business, and I live in New Jersey."

RON KELLY, Fanshaw College

"We are very satisfied and have replaced zero batteries on any vehicle that we have

installed the brain on. They have definitely paid for themselves in battery expenses. We

would recommend STRS to others"

  “Time is the only true limited resource that we have”

What are you waiting for?

Give your Battery a Brain and yourself Peace of Mind


You're in 
good company

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