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I talked to my son Ryan, who tested the Battery Brain for us, and I happened to ask him if they were still using it.  He said they were, and after a month, they love it. 

It is installed in one of their “competition” cars.  This isn’t a race car, but a car that stereo shops, like the one he works at, use to compete against other shops – i.e. installing in it all manner of stereo equipment, amplifiers, subwoofers, the whole pimped-out package. The car in our video was an old Volvo that they chose specifically for its size and shape to hold all the stereo gear they wanted to put in it.

Their problem was, all that equipment creates a strain on the car’s electrical system, slowly draining the car’s battery, even when the vehicle isn’t in use.  They were having to jump start it every time they needed to use it or move it. 

Ever since they installed the Battery Brain, Ryan says they’ve never had to jump it again.  When they need to use it, they just use the remote to reconnect the battery (after the BB has done its thing) and the car starts right up every time.

Bob Gelinas

President & CEO, ASOTV

I've used the battery brain, both single, and duel 12v versions.  Both have provided great success. At MCRD, Parris Island, we see a lot of vehicles in and out of our facility for battery failures. 

You can imagine, when your training about 5000 recruits, that the drill instructors, sometimes, they shut the door but if it doesn’t fully shut they don’t have the time to always be checking back on themselves. Installing the battery brain in some of our vehicles,(repeat offenders) has cut our Service calls for batteries down considerably.

At first I thought that it would not be obvious enough for someone to use, but once installed they are quite comfortable with them,
in fact the ones that are installed have never called for a roadside jump.

This system performs exactly as advertised.  I am looking forward to installing them on more of our fleet of vehicles.

Robert Cannon MCRD

Parris Island Motor Transport Divisison

The Portsmouth Rhode Island Police Department switched to the Battery Brain 2 or 3 years ago after having nothing but trouble with both customer service and the product from one of your competitors. 

I first saw the Battery Brain in a magazine add and contacted you company for a demo unit. I received the demo within two days and it is still in service. Your product has been extremely reliable and on the two occasions that we had a problem with equipment we received warranty replacement units from UPS the following day.  Today I have about 25 units in operation and they perform as advertised.
A+ Product
A+ Customer Service

Lt. Stephen E. Sullivan

Administrative Services Lieutenant Portsmouth Police Department

During the three weeks the Battery Brain Heavy Duty has been installed for testing, the following results have been noted. In a three week period, the Battery Brain Heavy Duty has isolated the batteries on three different occasions because of the driver leaving electrical switches on draining the batteries.History of this many instances of total drain of the batteries three times would require a new set of batteries. The Battery Brain installed on this unit has saved the batteries from 100% discharge and thus saved replacement of three group 31 batteries at a cost of $98 each.

Michael, Mechanic

Fayetteville School

The Battery Brain has been installed on a new bus with an electrical drain on the system. On one occasion after Spring break, the bus set idle for seven days and the Battery Brain had isolated the batteries and no jump start was required. Just a simple push on the reset button got the bus going.

Richard, Manager

Gravette School System

I believe it was 2-3 years ago that I ordered a Battery Brain for my Mother’s Toyota Camry. It was the best purchase we could have made. It saved her numerous times from being stranded.

We have now moved her from Detroit to Houston and we use her car occasionally to keep her car in shape but to our surprise it wouldn’t start again the other day (we still feel theres a problem with the car that they have not been able to find), took out the remote to the Battery Brain and it still wouldn’t start.

My husband thought to go under the hood and manually press the button on the Battery Brain… Saved again by the Battery Brain! This has brought us to the conclusion that the battery in the remote needed to be changed. Your product is great! Thank you.

Mary K. H


I would like to give your team a huge WAY TO GO for the introduction of this product. I have had drain issues on my battery spending hundreds in searching an intermittent electrical problem that has been haunting me on every cold Canadian morning.

After 300 odd dollars at my local mechanic and a couple of batteries Trying to assess and find the problem and then seeing the Battery Brain, it has solved all issues and increased the protection of my vehicle while not allowing any external or  "left on" device to drain the battery. WELL DONE.

After reviewing the features with the added wireless remote control ON and arming/ disarming I was nicely surprised to see that it all worked after about only a 20 minute installation and 20 minutes of reading the instructions. The instructions and mounting options were excellent and the concept simple and easy to use.

One would have to ask the next question, WHY WOULD'NT Every Car that experiences these winters have one of these Devices standard, it is such a Great Idea……. And has my full endorsement for anybody with an older vehicle that is having any Winter Battery issues, I am sure that covers a lot of us Canadians.

Way to Go, and priced right for my pocket.

Guy A.


I was lucky to be given my Father-In-Laws car after he passed. Just before he turned in his license he had a mild front end collision. The car has since been repaired but there is an electrical weirdness now that sometimes will drain the battery! 

I am starting a new job soon and we want to put your Battery Brain on there to ensure I don't have a dead battery.  To have that electrical short located would cost a fortune as the car is fairly new but your little gadget will save the day and me a lot.  

I am working now and I have NEVER had a dead battery. I get up early and leave late. I was so worried that my battery would be dead.  Thank you all there for helping me to feel safe and for a great product! :)

Mrs. Leah Ann Lemmon

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