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Dual Remote T3

Dual Remote T3

$150 Regular Price
$140Sale Price

The BP Type 3 Unit is an innovative "smart switch" that protects your car battery from draining.

this unit uses a remote control to reconnect and disconnect. 

  • Information

    The BP type 3 unit can easily be installed to protect any battery such as: Lithium Ion batteries, lead acid batteries or any other type of batteries to ensure that the battery will not drain.

    The BPB uses unique micro-electronic technology and patented software to continually monitor the battery power, health and temperature. When the BPB detects the power level drops below a predefined safe level, it automatically isolates the battery from the electrical system.


    This will ensure that the battery always has enough power to start the engine and the battery operates in a "safe zone" which prolongs the battery life. BPB Type 3 provide the ability to disconnect the battery willingly (This option is useful when living the vehicle unused for long periods of time).


    The BPB Type 3 unit is used for both vehicles and boats and can be incorporated for storage of energy from wind and solar plants.  It works on 6V, 12V and 24V batteries.

  • Functions

    • Automatic disconnection (Programmable voltage threshold*, the default Disconnect Voltage Threshold is 11.8V)
    • Manual reconnection
    • Remote control (supplied) reconnection
      * should define the disconnect threshold for non-default setting when ordering
    • Remote control (supplied) disconnection
  • Technical

    H = 2” (5 cm)
    W = 2 3/8” (6 cm)
    L = 2” (5.5 cm)

    The unit weight: 0.38lb (175g)
    Accessories: 0.62lb (280g)
    Packaging: 3g, (0.007lb)
    Total weight: 458g (1lb)



    Operational Current Consumption for type I after disconnect: 10 MicroAmps
    Maximum Peak Amperage: 1000 Amps, for 15 consecutive seconds.
    Continuous Amperage Capacity: 250 Amps.
    Disconnect Voltage Threshold: 11.8V



    -40°F (-40°C) to 257°F (125°C).


  • Safety Warning

    When working with lead acid batteries and accessories, caution must be employed:

    • Shield eyes. Do not open vent caps or puncture battery casing in any way.
    • Sulfuric acid can cause blindness and severe burns.
    • Rinse hands and flush eyes with water immediately.
    • Avoid sparks, flames and smoking

    MATERIAL AP 66: None combustible, none flammable.


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